This image shows a drone, a lighthouse and a 3d scanner that we use to provide the scanning service.
Accelerate Smarter Decision-Making in a Visually Attractive Way
3D Laser Scanning and Reality Capture Services for Engineering Drafting & Design, Facilities Layout Design, and Asset Management. Topographic Surveys with Drones and Inventory Measurement of Raw Material.
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Our services have accurate data in the laser scan. With the laser scan, the scan data and laser scans of the construction projects and the process of visualization of the project it's highly detailed.

During the construction of building projects, the point clouds and reality capturing through 3d scanning services, and it's more efficient and detailed. The project managers also benefit in the construction industry because the cost and time of decision-making reduce.

The 3D laser scanner can help scan the facilities of your company or business.

3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is a method to capture reality based on LIDAR technology which generates a 3D radiography of an existing area. The 3D scan is possible through a point cloud.

Drone surveying is a process that can help to be more efficient when preparing topographic surveys.

Drone Surveying

LIDAR flights use in drone surveys that require penetrating vegetation to obtain accurate terrain points. Ideal for large areas that need a high level of precision.

Scanning an inventory with 3D laser. You can get exact figures that will help you make decisions in your company.


Inventories of materials captured with laser scanning offer 99% volumetric precision, reducing deviations in financial statements.

Did you know that you can capture reality with a laser?

Using technologies such as laser scanning, LIDAR flight, and drone photogrammetry allows reality and its context to capture through the survey of point clouds. For activities ranging from actual representation of existing facilities to measuring materials inventory, these methods provide accurate information for better decision-making, higher quality deliverables, and context. They are reducing delivery time and eliminating the risks of on-site personnel.

Whit a digital model, you obtain images and a digital record from the location and visualization of your project through photogrammetry software as-built models digitally. The personalized content obtained from laser scans for your project has multiple benefits, for example, accurate data.

The laser scan is an efficient method to obtain images from objects and buildings or industries, making it an excellent option to save costs on the project and get accurate data.

What do we solve for you?

By capturing the existing state of your area of interest, you reduce engineering and design errors, improve the management of your assets and reduce deviations in product inventories.

  • We digitize the Existing facility through 3D Laser Scanning (Engineering, Projects, and Maintenance)
  • We survey the actual terrain points of land. Even if high vegetation is present, utilizing LIDAR technology and Drones (Engineering and Projects)
  • We document the current exterior conditions through Photogrammetry and Drones (Projects and Asset Management)
  • We reduce deviations in product Inventories improving and obtaining accurate Financial Statements.
  • We reduce the assembly costs of equipment installations (Engineering, Projects, and Maintenance)
  • We streamline training and on-site meetings through Virtual Tours (Engineering and Maintenance)
  • Thermal Analysis of Roofs and detection of hot spots (Maintenance)

3D Modeling Gallery

In the existing conditions has been realized reality captured through laser scan. Some examples of construction projects can show below.

3D Model

In the existing conditions has been realized reality is captured through laser scan. Some examples of construction projects can be seen below.


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