3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning is a method to capture reality based on LIDAR technology that generates a 3D radiography of existing space through a point cloud.

The 360 panoramas generate digital twins' CAD of the facilities and infrastructure in a plant or area and the study of deviations from real vs. nominal geometries.

Then whit the reality is captured through laser scan and 3d laser scanning and scan data obtained from your construction projects; the construction progress is highly detailed, and the visualization is more efficient.

When you work in the construction industry, accurate data and detailed measuring have multiple benefits, for example, cost savings. The laser scans in the existing conditions from your project, the focus, and the ability of the project managers are more detailed.

With photogrammetry software and reverse engineering, millions of precise data capture that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Topography 3d laser scanners and the right equipment can provide solutions to clients seeking to improve their processes through data collection.

Graphic representation of a Digital Twin produced with the 3D laser scanner oriented to the scanning of an industrial zone.

Digital Twins

A digital twin is the virtual representation of the actual and current conditions of an object, process, or service. Data and even information can be integrated in real-time for constant updating during all stages of its useful life.

Analysis with a 3D laser scanner to generate a deviation study.

Deviation Studies

Whether for the detection of deformations in storage tanks, wear of significant parts, structural analysis, or flatness studies, deviation studies help us to validate how different the existing geometry is against the nominal geometry.

Topography with Drones

We offer the Topography Service with Drones nationwide to generate digital terrain models and contour lines of properties and polygons through LIDAR and Photogrammetry flights.

Point clouds are another effective way to capture images and measurements accurately. In addition, construction progress can be beneficial. The point clouds it a reality capture with accurate data you can improve to existing conditions or your building projects.

With a digital model and digital record, we can generate personalized content for your locations and benefit from the quality, cost, and method of the company's process.

Solutions with the use of professional equipment through the use of a laser scanner. Scanning products for the digital mapping and cartography industry.

Representation of a LIDAR flight that can provide precision when obtaining the points of a terrain or surface using drone surveying.

LIDAR flights

The LIDAR flights use in drone topographic surveys that require penetrating vegetation to obtain natural terrain points. Ideal for large areas that require precision.

A photogrammetry carried out with drone topography to help us have external visual information of a construction.


The photogrammetric flights help us with topographic surveys on exposed natural terrain surfaces or with isolated vegetation and expand the context of visual information around a specific area, such as construction.

Raw Material Inventories

We offer Raw Materials Inventory services throughout the USA for measuring Raw Materials Inventories in Silos, Warehouses, and batteries in patios, obtaining, in addition to the volume report.

The inspection through a laser scanner guarantees precision and quality in the measurement. A product that many companies can add to their shopping cart to optimize their inventory and pricing strategies according to available inventory.

Scanning an inventory with 3D laser. You can get exact figures that will help you make decisions in your company.

Warehouses & Silos

Whether your contents are grains, vegetables, cement, or any raw material that needs shelter (indoors or in silos), We can support you with volumetric inventory studies.

Scanning of raw materials located outside, patios or outdoor areas.


We offer an Inventory of Raw Materials as a service. It doesn't matter if it's stored outdoors on patios or outdoor areas of plants of all kinds. It is ideal for bulk materials such as minerals, aggregates, fodder, etc.

Report and representation of a fuel tank volume, service available in Juarez Thompson.


We offer the services of accurate measurements and capacity tables of underground and surface tanks of gas stations and fuel storage centers throughout the USA.

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