Increase precision in your inventories

Accurate inventory tracking is essential for running a successful business. Unreliable data can cause companies to over- or underestimate the number of products in stock, leading to unnecessary losses. Fortunately, there are several ways to maintain precision within your inventories.

Utilizing specialized software designed for this purpose can help keep data up-to-date at all times. It enables you to track incoming and outgoing items, ensuring a balance between what's available and what's needed. Additionally, these tools allow businesses to monitor costs by setting alerts when stock runs low or excessive stock accumulates.

Advanced technologies such as 3D scanning also make it possible to attain highly accurate details of physical and digital objects while contributing towards reliable 3D models that enable precise measurements of products in inventory. These solutions are ideal for businesses with particular requirements related to measuring and sizing.

What is raw materials inventory?

Raw materials are calculated values for all the components a business uses to construct and manufacture the goods it produces. These products are called "pre-production stocks," either currently on the shelves or waiting to be used. In some cases, companies and organizations list raw materials as current assets, as they contribute to the company's product inventory and the overall manufacturing product. There are three sub-categories for raw materials: direct materials. Direct materials are products that are integrated into final products.

Volume scanning with inventory 3D laser scanning service.

What do we do?

We carry out the cubing of all types of raw material, from grains, vegetables, forage, fuels, aggregates, minerals, etc., via a 3D or conventional report and the evidence in a point cloud.

Representative icon of a topographic scan. Service performed in Juarez Thompson.


  • Volume Table
  • Graphic
  • Level Curves
  • Location map
Representative icon of a 3D laser scan. Service offered by Juarez Thompson.


  • Volume Table
  • Graphic
  • Aerial Photography (Patios)
  • 3D Models
  • Location Map

Why raw materials inventory management is vital for growing manufacturers?

Imagine a journey across the globe. You can take two suitcases full of clothes in any climate. You might think you are smarter as you prepare for every event, but this weighs you down and costs more money. Compare it to the size of your suitcase. The money saved at the baggage cost will help you purchase the goods you want, whenever and where you want. If your flight is short, you can get into an ambulance quickly. It's easier to choose one option, but progress is so slow that the overall effect is diminished. The second choice is the path to success. It will help if you put the whole egg in a single pot.

Raw materials may sometimes be declared obsolete because they are no longer used in company products or because they have degraded while in storage and can no longer be used.

Increase precision in your inventories

The analysis of raw materials determines the current asset. When you have raw material inventory management, you can calculate the excess inventory or if the customer demand can be satisfied.

To calculate raw materials inventory and maintain a safety stock can use 3D laser scanning. The raw materials inventory value is directly proportional to inventory levels from all the materials.

Suppose you do not know your current inventory asset. In that case, you need to scan the beginning raw materials inventory to determine when the ending list is necessary to supply sufficient stock to the production lines.

How to have a good level of materials in stock?

It's necessary to have an excellent raw inventory to produce the final product and continue the manufacturing processes. If you can use inventory management software, it's a perfect option to process inventory.

You can rely on a balance sheet to keep track. However, a 3D laser scan will give you accurate data on what you currently have in stock. In case more than what you have of raw materials is needed to maintain customer satisfaction, requesting more raw materials to continue with the production process will be necessary.

Volume Variability

Among all the variables that affect the specific weight of the raw material and its report in tons are the scales, humidity, volume, and level of compaction. Volume has been the most crucial variable impacting inventory measurements for many years. Still, due to the evolution of technology, the uncertainty this can produce has been almost eliminated. 3D laser scanning captures thousands or millions of measurements, producing a point cloud that faithfully represents the complex shapes of the material.

How do I request an
Inventory Service?

Many of the clients we have in the beginning do not know how to request an inventory service, which is why we have given ourselves the task of making a guide that helps to request a 3D laser scan correctly.

The client must define the following scopes:

Type of Container
Georeferenced or Not

Volume Radiographs in Silos

What are the sub services?

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