Why have good inventory management?

Inventory management in a warehouse can be complicated, especially if the inventory is bulk material. You can use a warehouse inventory management system. However, this can sometimes be inaccurate when you want to have accurate inventory tracking and know the correct volumes of inventory levels.

Sometimes inventory management systems can have discrepancies, making it a difficult task if we want to have an efficient warehouse that meets the company's needs.

Inventory scanning with LIDAR sensors mounted on a drone.

What do we do?

After establishing ground control for future measurements, we fly over the area to capture the information. The discrimination of information is significant to remove all those points, not of the raw material of interest, which may affect the final volume report. Once we have the volumes, our clients share the specific weight of the raw material mounds with us to report their inventories in tons.

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How to manage the volume of bulk material?

Although using an inventory management system can help us maintain our company's supply chain. Knowing the precise volumes of the inventory we have in the warehouse will help avoid human error that can be caused by incorrect inventory tracking.

So using a warehouse management system can give us some advantages, but the accuracy of a LiDAR scan can help you have better warehouse management.

The warehouse layout can be divided into different warehouses or multiple locations; this is not an inconvenience to laser scan existing inventory; even if the warehouse space is large, it is crucial to have an organized warehouse. If you have a small business, this can help you have efficient operations; even if you use inventory management software, you can have more efficient stock management of your multiple warehouses with a 3D laser scan.

Combining your inventory management systems with LiDAR scanning technologies is an accurate alternative for better inventory counts.

Additionally, warehouse operations can be more efficient in inventory management if supporting technologies are used. It will help you better track inventory to meet the needs of warehouse workers when preparing for volume sales.

Having proper warehouse inventory management combined with warehouse management systems will make it possible to have adequate stock levels. Small businesses may have large customer orders, and order fulfilment will be able to generate cash flow. If you have a correct inventory management method, inventory control for order preparation can be carried out correctly.

What technology do we use?

Since we perform this inventory outdoors, it is feasible to use LIDAR or Photographic sensors mounted on a drone, obtaining the advantage of precision and speed when capturing information. It is essential to mention that if maximum accuracy is required, terrestrial laser scanning is the best option for this volume type.

Technology to calculate inventory levels

Although the use of warehouse management software can work, a new technology that is easily accessible and that you can request at JT Reality Capture is 3D laser scanning. Using this technology accompanied by personnel with professional experience can help you save money and unnecessary reporting tools.

Using a LiDAR scanner is a warehouse management solution that will help you better track your stored raw material volumes. If you plan to make an inventory movement, you must have precise data entry of the book you plan to move; this can be useful to know what means you will use to make that movement.

If you want more data to manage your company's inventory, keep reading the technology we use to provide our clients with accurate volume counts on their floor inventory or outdoor warehouses.

Inventory Measurement in Patios

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