Yes, friends, it's true: Infrastructure Week finally happened. With the launch of the American Jobs Plan, a $ 2 trillion proposal from the Biden Administration, American infrastructure is now front and center of the dominant political conversation in the United States. Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, I'm here to tell you one thing about this ambitious package - it should be a boon to the 3D laser scanning community.

Infrastructure projects

The infrastructure investment of this scale creates opportunities for the laser scanning community that can't be overstated. With the federal government providing funding injections in federal buildings, Biden's infrastructure bill will create good-paying jobs that will help disadvantaged communities.

Bipartisan infrastructure bill

President Joe Biden, with state and local governments, plans to support the bipartisan infrastructure law to benefit the entire population of the United States of America, including rural and tribal communities.

The infrastructure law has great projections on many issues of clean energy, infrastructure investment, and jobs. Some of these advances are a national network of electric vehicle charging stations, broadband infrastructure including a tribal broadband connectivity program, and expanded access to public transit, among others.

Some of these works will be supervised by the environmental protection agency, so the investment and jobs act will have appropriate regulations so that the planned activities have a positive impact on the environment.

Laser scanning manages to change the play

Now, it's time to see if a GSA program is right for you (it makes obtaining government contracts so much easier) and to reach out to any contractors or construction companies of any kind to make sure they know about it." are available to work.

What do I mean? Just take a look at what's in this package:

The president's plan will modernize 20,000 miles of highways, roads, and major streets. It will repair the ten most economically important bridges in the country that need rebuilding. It will also repair the worst 10,000 smallest bridges, providing critical links to communities. And it will replace thousands of buses and railcars, repair hundreds of stations, renovate airports, and expand transit and rail to new communities.

Will there be a job opportunity? Ten thousand bridges. Those are a lot of bridges. Trying to do all the work required for these projects through the traditional model is no longer feasible. They are prioritizing efficiency. This is where 3D scanning can shine.

There will be $ 621 billion in the budget for transportation infrastructure.

Or how about this?

President Biden will change the drinking water system, improving America's water quality. You could say: "We will need a lot of companies that do laser scanning to document the pipes and monitor the existing conditions. You better update your copy of Revit MEP.

Only laser-scanning and BIM can ensure that a project of this scale can be accomplished efficiently. Although many companies still want to work with something other than 3D reality, they will not have a choice; this will be your opportunity to work with them and grow your company.

The budget for these projects is $ 213 billion.

In general, this will be a public investment in the United States that we have not seen in decades. Technology has evolved significantly, and now is the time to work with the government and emphasize the value of laser scanning.

So update your website, and start talking to your friends in construction because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This could make it big in the 3D laser scanning world. Invest in your business and get ready for the American Jobs Plan.

The future of laser scanning is here! Let's capitalize on this excitement and take advantage of what's coming! Now is the time to start positioning your business to make the most of this investment. Good luck!

The American Jobs Plan will create millions of jobs and drive our economy forward, not just in the short term but for generations to come. With its unprecedented investments in infrastructure, there are tremendous opportunities for companies specializing in laser scanning technologies to capitalize on this opportunity.