When we talk about reconfiguring factories, modernizing plants or developing new facilities, we are also talking about processes that require innovative tools and solutions, projections, analysis, scan data and, above all, technology that can detect interference or digitally validate spaces concerning the size of equipment to be relocated.

But how does 3D laser scanning prevent delays or loss of capital? We invite you to continue reading to know its scope.

3D mapping of spaces as protection

Having a detailed map of the spaces that make up your industrial project helps you define the scope and, at the same time, stay within the initial budget. It is the most realistic way to carry out a project within the industrial sector because it enables the detection of interferences between pipe paths or some objects and even digitally validates each area and accurate measurements of existing conditions or the construction site.

3D scanning is not exclusively limited to the branch of industry or building projects. The techniques of 3D laser scan for capturing millions of point cloud data to obtain detail and good scan can be applied to domestic services, for example, walls and architecture of the house.

Obtaining a point cloud or one scan 3D for construction projects can benefit facility managers and construction teams. The reality capture as-built conditions for your next project, and the technology integration with laser light can create a quality project for your clients with built documentation.

The content and data of the space that are obtained with the 3D scanners and processed in images can be used for different purposes, such as the printing of some pieces or some objects, designs or some models that, with the information obtained, the models through software can be generated with a facility and meet the needs.

3D scanning from different angles from environment and structure

Protect your budget thanks to laser scanning

3D laser scanning is the best alternative for projects involving budget issues by being modular and scalable; this means you can scan area by area gradually and as the project progresses. The process that simultaneously facilitates the distribution of resources and coverage of contingencies.

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Benefits behind plant digitization

Technological advances allow you to make smarter decisions and make the tasks within your projects easier and easier. Proof of this is the multiple advantages you obtain thanks to the digitization of spaces, for example, using a drone with a scanner to fly through your installations.

  • Speed up the design process.
  • Accomplish more in less time and at a reduced cost.
  • Substitute tables and erasers for computers and tablets.
  • Identify design problems before they become real problems.

As you have observed throughout this installment, the appearance of various technologies is making the industry more receptive to digitization. Which, in turn, makes 3D laser scanning tools increasingly accessible and cost-effective.

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