Digitization and scanning in a project can be a solution in the market that allows greater control over the decisions made using the information obtained.

The use of laser scanners for an entire object —whether a small object or a larger object— is becoming more common for scanning projects and part inspection.

Hiring an external service can cost less than learning it yourself. Professionals in the area have a better understanding, ultimately dependent on the complexity of point cloud issues or generating an accurate model for the project to scan such objects. A specialized laser scanning company will be able to help you a lot.

Process in a 3D laser scanning technology

Different factors must be defined beforehand to define a 3D laser scanning service's price properly. For example, the size of the object, the type of precision and information required when doing it, the shapes and taking into account the dimensions of the place to make the capture.

Accuracy of 3D laser scanning for complex object

3D scanning is a technology used in more fields, from manufacturing to art, from health to sports; in all these fields, the quality of the final result is the most important thing, so the technology is very important used correctly.

Each object represents its challenges when using a 3D scanner; the precision obtained will be the result of correct use of the models that exist in the market and the attention to the manufacturer's specifications, for example, the resolution if it is required that it be in color, the quality of the scanning process if it can recognize object's surface, complex features among others.

The most suitable technology for use in a 3D scan will be defined by factors such as the size of the piece or objects, the type of surface, the distance and the ease of access to the site where it will be carried out; this may generate shipping costs.

Interior color 3D laser scanning of a company.

3D laser scanner models

To perform a service with adequate precision, the metrology systems and the scanner models available on the market must be considered. The brand and the model, in conjunction with the software solution offered by the manufacturer, allows the generation of a modeling or CAD file for a subsequent process, for example, a 3D print, a study of deviation of the geometry of a container or verify the volume of a container or silo.

FARO Focus S 3D laser scanner one of the key components with excellent resolution and capture quality.

Reverse engineering in a 3D scan

Reverse engineering is required to digitize a space, parts, tooling or objects; this is based on meshes or point clouds that have been obtained in 3D scanning so that the digital model is obtained and can be manipulated or altered in a digital reality through specialized software.

Ingeniero realizando pruebas y comprobaciones en un gemelo digital.

Scanning cost of the laser scanning company

Asking ourselves what the price of a 3D laser scan is one of the first things we do when we consider it for our project; to know what the price of a 3D scan is, we must have an idea of ​​the magnitude, speed and level of detail of the project that we will carry out. After these considerations, a 3D laser scanning service may be the best option for our project.

Price of a 3D laser scan

To define an adequate budget, we must also know the size of the area to be scanned, what quality we need the scan, and if we will do it with a 3D laser scanner mounted on a drone. A drone scanning service may require a higher investment than a conventional one because the speed and capture of the area will be faster and more effective than in a conventional way.

Each service by an external party will have variations in their prices for a 3D laser scan; this is because each company will have different models of 3D scanners at the time to offer the service and a different range of solutions.

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